A Quiet Morning

A man grapples with the consequences of one terrible choice. 

In this short, I wanted to explore the weight of human drama. Ultimately, there's something sobering and perhaps even cathartic about watching a character at the end of their tether, navigating situations we hope we never have to face.

Writer-director Justin Suttles has carefully constructed a meditative psychological portrait of a fulcrum in one man's life. Self-contained and restrained, the storytelling essentially elongates the moment before the main character's "point of no return," a decision that will take him from the edge of a precipice into a void of darkness. "A Quiet Morning" sets up an experience that's essentially about interiority, and the surfaces of the film are full of silence and stillness. But underneath the empty spaces is a dark current of violence, and when it finally surfaces, it will leave viewers unnerved and unsettled, grappling with larger questions about justice, forgiveness and even faith in fellow humankind as a whole. - as featured on OMELETO


Runtime - 8 minutes

Written/Directed by Justin Suttles