Justin was an absolute joy to work with for our wedding video. Anyone who has gotten married knows what a whirlwind the entire day is. By the time it’s over you barely remember anything but a few highlights. Justin’s video of our wedding not only allowed us to relive the the moments we remember but to see the day from a completely different perspective and to participate in the small moments we weren’t always able to witness first hand. His videography skills are second to none and his editing lent a magical sense to the entire day. We regularly rewatch our video and always find something new to appreciate. Hiring Justin to video our wedding was one of the best decisions we made for our special day. We recommend him wholeheartedly, you’ll be impressed by his professionalism and eye for detail.

-Kelley and Kyle Warf



  • Base video package: for couples looking for a high energy highlight reel that captures the spirit of the day. Perfect for smaller weddings. 6 hours of filming, focusing on the critical parts of the day.

CLASSIC - $1999

  • Our most popular option: More coverage. Includes one pass of editorial changes, if needed, along with a teaser trailer for for social media (great for getting a taste of your wedding film much earlier than the completion of the final film). 


  • The most that Smite Pictures can offer; these films are longer, taking a more methodical, exhaustive approach towards tailoring the entire palette of the film specifically for you. I will formulate a plan for your wedding film, working with you to cultivate a distinct aesthetic philosophy that will carry over into production. The highest quality, most coverage, and most inclusive option for your film. 

We are very happy we decided to have a videographer for our wedding. Justin was very nice and professional. He captured all the important parts without us even noticing he was there. His creative camera shots and artful editing made this a masterpiece we will cherish for the rest of our lives. 

-Mr. & Mrs. Melissa and Ryan Halligan